Martial Arts Classes


Get in the best shape of your life as you develop the warrior within with our Japanese Martial Arts classes. And discover your untapped potential.


Basic Taijutsu

Burn calories, develop athleticism while learning the basics of Japanese Martial Arts in brisk classes. Perfect for those just starting their Martial Arts journey.


Take your confidence and ability to new levels with full Ninjutsu training and unleash the warrior in you. Includes both hand to hand and weapons training. Perfect for those who want the full experience.


What ages do you teach?

We will accept students as young as 11 years old depending on maturity level.

Do I have to be in good shape?

As long as you can walk, you can participate in classes. You don’t get into shape to go to the gym right? Our instructors will work with you to get you into shape fast!

Be Our Guest in Class

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